The “See Ya!” party………..


We’ve pieced together responses to the blog earlier this week about having some evening play this Thursday (4/20) followed by an informal end-of-season party gathering (called it a “See Ya!”  party to recognize that a number of us are leaving soon). There seems to be enough interest to go ahead with it, but with a couple of changes and needs, as follows:

  1. Let’s party after play by going to the clubhouse and gathering on the Palmer Court (the outside patio). We’ve check the dress code and we can wear our pickleball duds as long as we have a collared shirt or collared jacket;
  2. Let’s start play at 5:30 so we can get to the clubhouse by at least 6:45, as they close up at 8pm;
  3. We implore MJ to bring her hot music system to enliven play (then we can do the “dinking dance”?); and
  4. Dave Burtt will act as our “bouncer for the evening,” so let’s all behave.

Please RSVP below so we know how many party-goers we have.

Your Forever-Dinking (drinking?) Committee


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