Some thoughts as the season melts away……….

We’ve got some good weeks left before the majority of players are gone north or coastal.  The “See ya!” play and after-party Thursday evening was well attend, with some toasts, a little frying and lots of chit-chat (needed a few more hugs?).  Also, we started reflecting on the past season’s activities and thinking about what we can do to make next season even better.

One of the things may be strengthening the quality of our play (not you Fred!) so more of us will feel comfortable playing more competitively, perhaps in one of desert  tournaments next season (we had only three linespeople and a couple of players in the last one at The Lakes).  Other clubs and non-club groups focus a lot on competitive play and, while we’ll continue to enjoy lots of “hit and giggle” play (not you Fred!),  we seem increasingly ready to get a little  more training to this end. Here’s the writer’s brother (exhorting those plugged into the Delray Beach Pickleball Forum he manages) encouraging involvement and further development in today’s blog:

“To all our local players competing in Naples and The Villages this upcoming week, good playing and make sure the opponents know where you play out of….People will take notice…
Also, in May I would like to have a get together with all the tournament (Naples and Villages) players to discuss what areas of weakness of play that you’ve observed and what your thoughts are on how we can improve our training environment”

May be we should form an ad hoc development team (yes you Fred!) to suggest a program we can all benefit from and grow our games.  For example, there are drills that can help and still be fun, such as the one in the video below. Check it out and let us have your thoughts and comments below on the subject.

A fun drill

Oh, and lastly, there’s been a request that we have another organized play time on Wednesday mornings at 9am and also start play earlier, say 8:30 am, on Saturdays and Sundays to beat the heat. What do you think?