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How about a “board game????”

As this season of IRCC pickleball winds down, let’s think about the next one. We’ll have inter-club matches again, as part of a league of clubs or just fun “one on one” play. Then, they’ll be a few tournaments in the desert that we hope more of us will want to enter.  In looking forward to all this , we’ll want to sharpen our pickleball proficiency and, besides playing more, that means doing some good drills, like you can observe by watching the Joe Baker video  below.    And after you’ve watched some of this, let us know if you think we should ask the Club if we might have a backboard on one of the court walls next year. Maybe our good Santa will visit us again, like last December.


As the sun goes down……

Well, it appears that as the sun starts going down, pickleball picks up. This evening at 6pm we expect to have two courts going, with the following having confirmed they’ll be playing: Craig Karsen and friend, Dave (what about Terri?); Barbara Koch; Dave & Terri Ross; Nancy & Rod Smith

We’ve got room for more, so let us know below if you’ll be there at 6pm this evening.


Anyone there????

Wow, the number of pickleballers here has really thinned  out this last week. Tomorrow there’s scheduled play at 6pm, and the heatwave weakens so we can play comfortably if we can get some of us on the courts. Let us know below if you can play tomorrow evening and/or other times you can play this week and next.  

Current Organized Play Times:

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm

Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30am

U S Open Video This Evening

Hey gang,

Here’s the announcement of the first CBS tape of the U S Open Pro doubles. It’s on at 5pm our time. Hope you check it out.



 8pm (EST
 To see this match next week or the Women’s pro title match, here’s the offered schedule, although not sure of the dates (guess we have to check the “Guide” for CBS Sports on your TV.
Tune in next week to watch more great pickleball!
7pm:  Men’s Pro Doubles Finals (re air)
8pm:  Women’s Pro Doubles Finals
11pm:  Women’s Pro Doubles (re air)
*Special moments from the Mixed Pro Doubles Finals included!
(All times eastern standard)
Now, back to business. There’s organized play tomorrow and Sunday mornings at 9am and then next Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6pm. Hope to see you on the courts.
If you intend to play at one or more of these times, the Tennis Desk has offered to keep track of whose playing when. But you have to let them know or ask before 12 noon, when they close. Also, it helps if you tell us online by commenting below. 
As an added delight, click below to see the U S Open Senior Doubles Gold Medal match.

Naples and the World’s Largest Pickleball Tournament

A stop at the U S Open tournament in Naples was part of the writer’s birthday-gift-trip to Florida for visiting with family and old friends. Boy, was it worth it! Almost 1300 players (amateur and pro) in 3,000 matches over six days rank the event as the “world’s largest” by far. Whether viewing at the outer courts or in the covered championship Zing Zang  court, the play was at the highest level (although the Zing Zang seats under a circus-like tent  made the Florida sun/humidity tolerable – see photo below).

Zing Zang Stadium view from our seats – Marcin in view

Among the familiar faces from Coachella Valley, there was our old favorites, The Lakes’ Marcin Rozpedski and Shadow Mountains’ Morgan Evans, who struggled against the young pros but did come away with gold in the middle-aged pro doubles (see photo below).

Enter a Marcin Rozpedski and Morgan Evans at the U S Open


Here’s an interesting video of the U S Open venue, players, many vendors and ongoing activities.

2017 U. S. Open – an Overview