Naples and the World’s Largest Pickleball Tournament

A stop at the U S Open tournament in Naples was part of the writer’s birthday-gift-trip to Florida for visiting with family and old friends. Boy, was it worth it! Almost 1300 players (amateur and pro) in 3,000 matches over six days rank the event as the “world’s largest” by far. Whether viewing at the outer courts or in the covered championship Zing Zang  court, the play was at the highest level (although the Zing Zang seats under a circus-like tent  made the Florida sun/humidity tolerable – see photo below).

Zing Zang Stadium view from our seats – Marcin in view

Among the familiar faces from Coachella Valley, there was our old favorites, The Lakes’ Marcin Rozpedski and Shadow Mountains’ Morgan Evans, who struggled against the young pros but did come away with gold in the middle-aged pro doubles (see photo below).

Enter a Marcin Rozpedski and Morgan Evans at the U S Open


Here’s an interesting video of the U S Open venue, players, many vendors and ongoing activities.

2017 U. S. Open – an Overview