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OK, it’s a bit hot out there……So……

A question to those pickleballers still here in the desert heat wave: how about beating the heat by trying a 7am start time this Saturday, June 24.  Some sniffing around indicates that we should have a couple of courts going.  So come on over at 7 and enjoy some fun in a  tolerable window in this crazy weather.

More Good News…….

Since the last blog about Fred Hartzman’s silver medal, a

NEWS FLASH: Just learned that our Kim Boestam won a bronze medal in a Helsinki tournament. Wow! Congrats Kim, now we’ve got an international star, as well.

Good news and a good oldie…..

First, the good news is that our follow IRCC pickleballer, Fred Hartzman, has made us proud by winning a silver medal in the 4.0 skill level event at the SoCal Summer Challenge  tournament  in Encinitas, CA, last weekend.  Looks like he’ll have to play left handed against us next season (and yes, we’ll resist the pressure to name a court – “Hartzman Heaven” – at least for now).

NEWS FLASH: Just learned that our Kim Boestam won a bronze medal in a Helsinki tournament. Wow, congrats Kim, now we’ve got an international star.

The “good oldie” is the pro mixed doubles match at the “US Open” tournament in Naples at the end of April. It’s an interesting match at this impressive venue. Check it out below.

It’s about time………..

For the few of us still remaining in the desert, with the current heat wave upon us, we’re looking for times and places to play without melting away. Well, the Smiths went to the courts this morning at 7am just to practice some shots (darn, couldn’t get  a match together for 7:30) and found it a very good time to play, with nice shade and weak sun. Sooo, we’re hoping to try that time again (with a match this time) while this hot spell lasts and we’re still here (leave 6/30 for three months). Other alternatives are playing at the Palm Desert Rec Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-1pm and Wednesdays at 1-4pm; it’s indoor cool but costs $5 per day and can be crowded some days, with lots of waiting. Of course, there’s Freedom Park for early morning play, if you can muscle in some of the games, which can be challenging but worthwhile.

If you are here and want to play at IRCC or elsewhere, let us know below and maybe we can put something together.

Ciao, and stay cool


Summer slump???

Hey Indian Ridge pickleballers,

Are you here at IRCC and ready for play this weekend, Saturday and Sunday at 8am?

Please let us know who and when below.

For those of you who are gone but are still pickleball enthusiasts, here’s a video of our former tennis pro, Marcin Rozpedski, playing in the pro singles final at The Lakes (back in April) against the much younger pro, Kyle Yates.




Beating the heat……..

It’s expected to warm up this weekend, so we’re planning to start organized play on Saturday and Sunday at 8am. We’ll have  towels and ice to compliment vigorous play, and we expect to have a couple of courts going. Here’s just some of the expected group: Dave G., Dave B., Barbara K.,  Nancy S., Rod S., Dean W., and  Fred H. Please let us know below if you want to join in either or both days. We’d particularly welcome some more women.