It’s about time………..

For the few of us still remaining in the desert, with the current heat wave upon us, we’re looking for times and places to play without melting away. Well, the Smiths went to the courts this morning at 7am just to practice some shots (darn, couldn’t get  a match together for 7:30) and found it a very good time to play, with nice shade and weak sun. Sooo, we’re hoping to try that time again (with a match this time) while this hot spell lasts and we’re still here (leave 6/30 for three months). Other alternatives are playing at the Palm Desert Rec Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-1pm and Wednesdays at 1-4pm; it’s indoor cool but costs $5 per day and can be crowded some days, with lots of waiting. Of course, there’s Freedom Park for early morning play, if you can muscle in some of the games, which can be challenging but worthwhile.

If you are here and want to play at IRCC or elsewhere, let us know below and maybe we can put something together.

Ciao, and stay cool