Monthly Archives: July 2017

Different sites and challenges…..


Some of us have sought refuge from the desert heat by playing indoors, like at the Palm Desert Rec Center, and others have migrated north, like the writer’s escape to Park City. Whichever your route, let’s keep in touch until we’re once again back at the Indian Ridge courts. If you’ve got some interesting summer experiences you’d like to share, keep this blog posting and comment below when the urge dictates.

I’ll be reporting on the TrackitHub shootouts that are the latest pickleball program developments at all the pickleball sites around Park City. As a new entry, I started Saturday on the lowest-rated court and played 8 games, before rising up two courts. In a few minutes today, I’ll start on court 3 and hope to move up a court or more (and not down the ladder).    Let you know how this goes, and whether this process has value at Indian Ridge.

Mean time, please comment at will. And watch some good pro play, like the video below.

Ciao for now.