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Things to come?????

Well, the most important “things to come” are our yet-to-return members. We want them back here and on the courts ASAP. Actually, the numbers are increasing with every organized play time, with Tuesday at 5-7pm and Sundays at 9-11am the most popular. What with the new gate entrance, flourishing landscape and new chairs and tables,  there’s a lot to be impressed with this pickleball season beyond our sterling play.

Coming soon are the inter-club league matches. While they start officially in January, we’ve been invited to play Mission Hills CC, home and away, during November and December. Also, as mentioned before, there’s the newly-forming Desert Pickleball League that starts with weekly matches in January through March for men’s, women’s and mixed doubles. Stay tuned for details.

See you on the courts.

Goings on?????

So, the pre-season for IRCC pickleball is well underway, with more members coming out on organized play times, particularly popular have been Tuesday evenings at 5-7pm and Sundays at 9-11am. 

Also, this weekend there’s a nationally-sanctioned pickleball tournament at Andulusia CC where you can see some exciting play, with Friday men’s and women’s age groups (Rod Smith is playing in the 60+ age group, with the “kids”),  Saturday is mixed doubles, and then Sunday there’s skill-group play (Fred Hartzman will be battling at the 4.0 level). Andalusia CC is a bit of a ride,* but should be worth it.  Late morning is a good time to arrive and it’ll be a bit cooler this weekend (still, bring umbrella, beach chair, sun block, etc.).  


  • Go down Washington, turn left onto 111 and then right down Madison to just past 58th Ave, with Club entrance on left 


Is pickleball the perfect pill???

We always thought that pickleball might have values beyond satisfying our competitive urges. Well, I just read of research reported by NPR that suggests that playing “The Game” can have many positives, particularly those who are, or soon will be, moving beyond the rigors of tennis. Have a read by clicking on the link below. We’d like to read any comments you might like to share on the subject.

Perfect Pill?

Oh, if you’re nearby this Sunday, come by to play at 9am. It’s shaping up to be a full-roster day.


Play times changes, etc………

Folks,  There’s a couple of items needing attention:

We’ve updated the organized play times, beginning on Tuesday, October 17, in recognition of the cooler weather (and give us all some more sleep time), of the desire to play and sometimes have supper thereafter, and of the past request to have a morning time mid-week for women’s play. Therefore, heed the following times:

  • All Levels of play on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5-7pm
  • Women’s All Levels of Play on Wednesdays at 9-11am
  • All Levels of Play on Saturdays and Sundays at 9-11am
  • Free Beginning-Player Mini-Clinics: Request to the Tennis Desk                                                                                                 

One of the most puzzling features of pickleball is the location of team players in doubles play when there’s a “side out” and service goes to the other team. The answer appears complicated but is logical when teams don’t change court sides, like in tennis. So, unless you’re clear about this matter, you may want to go to the irpickleballers web site, by clicking on the link below, and read the last part of the “Rules of the Game” page. When you get the idea of it, say “wow” and be prepared to help your fellow players when there’s a “side out”  and they look so bewildered.

Rules of the Game

Some play this evening???

So many of our players have yet returned to the desert that having enough players for any organized play during the next two weeks or so is uncertain.  While this Saturday and Sunday mornings have enough players, we need a few more for this evening. If you’d like to join us tonight at 6pm, let us know below so we can organize some good matches. Ciao


Not so fast!!!!!!!

Here’s a good tip from our neighbor’s (The Lakes) Sports Director, our former tennis pro and a leading professional pickleball national champ, Marcin Rozpedski.   It addresses the question many of us ask ourselves during the heat of play: should I keep hitting as hard as I can, taking no prisoners? He urges us to understand and practice an important subtlety of the game, to gain control of points. Have a look by clicking on this link:    Slow Down

Oh, while the organized play schedule at the Club doesn’t kick in until this Tuesday evening (10/10), some are gathering this Sunday morning at the Club courts, starting at 8:30am, for some fun round robin play. Let us know if you’ll be joining us.  

Something new is coming

Listen up folks,

The Coachella Valley Grand Prix organization, that manages the Desert Tennis League, is forming a new Desert Pickleball League to start in January. This is very good news for those of us who are looking for more competition to complement the fun we find in this game. We’ll be looking to form Indian Ridge teams for men’s, women’s and mixed doubles.

More information will be coming soon, but here’s what we’ve learned to date:

     *    Players must be 50 yrs or older to play    *    Fee:    $40.00 per person    Players playing in more than one division (ex: Men’s and Mixed) pay $30.00 for the second team player fee 

    *    Matches are played on the following days:  Men’s and Women’s Doubles    Thursdays at 1:00 pm    Mixed Doubles:  Sundays at 1:00 pm

So, stay tuned for more information about this new league.