Goings on?????

So, the pre-season for IRCC pickleball is well underway, with more members coming out on organized play times, particularly popular have been Tuesday evenings at 5-7pm and Sundays at 9-11am. 

Also, this weekend there’s a nationally-sanctioned pickleball tournament at Andulusia CC where you can see some exciting play, with Friday men’s and women’s age groups (Rod Smith is playing in the 60+ age group, with the “kids”),  Saturday is mixed doubles, and then Sunday there’s skill-group play (Fred Hartzman will be battling at the 4.0 level). Andalusia CC is a bit of a ride,* but should be worth it.  Late morning is a good time to arrive and it’ll be a bit cooler this weekend (still, bring umbrella, beach chair, sun block, etc.).  


  • Go down Washington, turn left onto 111 and then right down Madison to just past 58th Ave, with Club entrance on left