Attention, please…….

Evening Play at Sun Down

The Tuesday and Thursday evening pickleball matches under lights, as the sun goes down, have been just great (Arroyo Grille thereafter has been swell too). But it’s just one of the regular events we’ll be having this season. There will be inter-club matches starting soon and in January the Desert Pickleball League is scheduled to start it’s first year. We’re building the rosters for the three teams we expect to field. So, if you haven’t signed up, please do with a reply below.  A summary of the League’s operation is repeated below.*

Also, there’s a one-day round robin mini-tournament that some of us are playing in at Demuth Park in Palm Springs on Sunday morning, December 3rd.. It’s a good way to test one’s game in a competitive but friendly setting (and only a $15 cost). Let us know if you’re interested, and we’ll send on the flyer for you to consider. 


“As mentioned in an earlier blog, the Coachella Valley Grande Prix organization that currently runs the Desert Tennis League is now forming Desert Pickleball Leagues. Matches will start in January and end in late March, with an awards luncheon. There will be a Men’s and a Women’s doubles league, with teams playing weekly here and at other clubs at 1pm on Thursdays. There’s also plans for a mixed doubles league, with teams playing at 1pm on Sundays here and at other clubs.  Skill levels 3.0-4.5 will be accommodated in each league. The expected individual cost for participating in each  league, that includes the league’s awards luncheon, is $40.

We’ve been asked to provide the organizers with an indication of interest from our members before the Captains meeting late this month.  Sooo, please let us know below if  you are likely to participate in which of the leagues. Your reply will not be a final commitment but a good indication of interest; we’ll have much more information to share in this regard following the Captains meeting.   Also, let us know if you have a pickleball friend or acquaintance who might like to play on one of our IRCC teams, as we can have a level of non-IRCC-members on the team if we have a need to complete our roster. So, Please reply now below.”