Friday’s Play at Sun City………


The players signed up at this point for the Sun City event at 5pm this coming Friday (1/12) are as listed below. Our goal is to have at least 16 players to enjoy this event of round-robin matches on their eight courts, followed by pizza and beer provided by our hosts (BYO wine). If you want in or must drop out, please let us know ASAP, either via reply below or emailing me at

  1. Barbara Koch
  2. Susan Bogan
  3. Rod Smith
  4. Nancy Smith
  5. Andrea Rifkin
  6. Vinny Spinosa
  7. Dean Wiese
  8. Clark Shewfelt
  9. Nancy Shewfelt
  10. Beth Keno
  11. Jim Gilford
  12. Marilyn Dierickx
  13. Randy Woods
  14. Nadine Woods
  15. Stanley Kravitz

Thanks for your attention. We’ll send on the final roster and directions for this fun event in the next couple of days.