Toscana Inter-club…………

We have an inter-club pickleball event with Toscana CC this coming Tuesday, 1/23, at our courts at 3pm. We originally had 4pm as the start time, but we want to offer an opportunity for our guests to join us after playing, with the bar menu and libations in the Arroyo Grill (which closes at 6pm). So, we hope this change works for all. We’ll have a strong signup (and Toscana has a big group coming). Here are the Indian Ridge signups we currently have from email responses and courtside signups this weekend. Let me know ASAP if there’s any last minute dropouts.

MEN                                                     WOMEN

David Chapman                                         MJ Chapman

Greg Lefebre                                                 Dixie Lefebre

Rod Smith                                                     Nancy Smith

Dave Ross                                                      Kim Boestam

Jim Gilford                                                    Beth Keno

Dean Wiese                                                   Nancy Kolin

Bob Hosman                                                   Marcee Hosman

Randy Woods                                                  Nadine Woods

Jack Yeaton

Marty Weitz


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