Toscana was, now Trilogy is……..


So, did we have a challenging but fun time hosting Toscana on Tuesday? It was an extreme round-robin format in order to accommodate the big group, but it worked for the most part, with nimble clockwise rotations. Here are the photos of the Toscana team, the joint group, and the after-play time at the Arroyo Grill.

The inter-club with Trilogy/Polo Grounds here this Saturday at 10am will feature a more traditional format, with 4 players per court and two rounds of three games to 11, win by 2. They have more men than women playing, so we’ll do some M/W doubles but more mixed. Here’s the signups we have to date. Please let us know ASAP (use the link below) if there are any changes and we may be able to add a player or two.

Men                                                                             Women

Dean Wiese                                                          MJ Chapman

Jim Gilford                                                           Beth Keno

Jack Yeaton                                                       Nadine Woods

Dave Ross                                                          Susan Bogan

Vince Spinosa                                                      Nancy Kolin

Rod Smith

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