Winning Ways…………

Where can we find ways to win at this pickleball game? First, we need a consistently well-placed serve (you only get one chance in pickleball). Then, a good deep service return can keep your serving opponents back at the base line and help you get to the kitchen. But handling the service return, the third shot of a point, the right way should most often lead to a point win. So often, particularly with newbies, the urge is to hit a hard drive which your opponents, if they’re any good, will drive the ball back, helping them get to the kitchen while keeping you and your partner in the back court.  The technique you see most good pickleballers, and virtually all the pros, use in dealing with the service return is to carefully hit a drop shot that lands softly in the kitchen, in front of the service quarter-court, in the gap away from the returning team player. This thoughtful maneuver gives the serving team more time to get to their goal, the kitchen, and leaves the returning team a dropping ball that usually has to be hit up. Click on the link below to view a video on the how and why of this maneuver (it’s a bit lengthy but good).

The 3rd Shot Drop

Oh, congrats to the men’s league team that swept all of its matches with Indian Palms CC yesterday. The use of the 3rd-shot “drop” was a deciding tactic, underlying the team’s success lately?