Saturday’s Inter-Club with Indian Palms..

Listen folks, we had an inter-club match scheduled this Saturday with Portola CC,. but they cancelled due to lack of players. Not being deterred, we contacted the Indian Palms CC people, who had an interest in doing an inter-club match with us one day. They’ve responded positively and will be here this Saturday (2/24) at 10am.  We’ll do a 3-game round of Men’s and Women’s doubles and then a 3-game round of mixed doubles (another round can be arranged among those who want more play time). After play, we’ve invited the Indian Palms folks to join us at JK’s for lunch.

We’ve a few names of those who signed up for Portola C C, which we’ll assume want to play Indian Palms.   Otherwise, please email back ASAP your interest in playing with the Indian Palms folks this Saturday at 10am, by clicking on the link below.

Email Availability to Play This Saturday