Monthly Archives: February 2018

Indian Ridge was there….

Indian Ridge had several players in the Palm Desert Senior Games pickleball tournament this last weekend, including Dean Wiese, Jim Gilford, Rod Smith, Beth Keno, Clark & Nancy Shewfelt. Good efforts by all and special kudos for the Shewfelt team ( below) that won silver metals.   The next nearby tournament is at The Lakes on March 23-26, so let’s have even more participation (and maybe more metals we can applaud).


Pickleball Rap………

Look, pickleball’s not just for older folks. The evidence is in, and even the rappers are getting connected these days. Here’s one telling the story that’ll have you rocking (no, not in your rocking chair yet). Click on the link below and listen to the whole  pitch. You can then check out the very good attached videos of pro mixed play and/or check out the country music rendition of  the pickleball story.

It’s Pickleball, Dummy!