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Any more “wishes”???????


Folks,  we got a bunch of wishes during the last week or so since asking you for your “wish list” of things you think would improve your pickleball experience here at Indian Ridge. And we’ve already started to working on them, such as our recent trial session  with an impressive certified instructor, as a first step in concluding an arrangement for an ongoing series of intermediate-player clinics (a common wish we received).

We need to provide common wishes to the Club’s management ASAP. So, if you want your voice heard,  please click on the link button below and send your wish (S) right now. Thanks

What’s Your Wish (s)?


Ugh! Showers and wind……


Due to the rising wind and likely showers, the Mission Hills people have opted for canceling today’s inter-club match in favor of a rematch here in two weeks, on Thursday, April 5 at 5:30pm, followed by a social on the Palmer Patio at 7pm. We’ll do our best to accommodate the currently listed players, as we match the list Mission Hills provides. A further announcement will be made when we’re closer to April 5.

Oh, of course,  there’s Open Play at 4-6pm today, weather permitting.  See you on the courts?



Thursday’s Inter-Club Match…

Folks,  Here are the tentative court assignments for tomorrow’s inter-club match with Mission Hills Country Club (click on the links below). There may be some last minute changes, but it’s hoped they’ll be minor.  We’ll be watching the weather forecast (“a brief afternoon shower or two”) and determining playing conditions. If there’s a “no go,” we’ll email all ASAP, as well as let the Fitness Center desk know. Otherwise, we’ll be playing at 5:30pm sharp, with a social gathering at the Arroyo Grill or on the Palmer Patio beginning at 7pm.

Round One

Round Two

Comments or Questions?



Thursday’s Inter-Club……..

As previously announced, there’s an inter-club round-robin match here on Thursday at 5:30pm with the folks from Mission Hills Country Club. We expect to play until about 7pm and then the Mission Hills folks have been invited to join us for the bar menu delights around the fire pits of the Palmer Patio (you’ll need warmups).

Here’s the list of our confirmed players. We’ve the exact number of players (14) to match those from Mission Hills, so if a confirmed player has a last minute problem (oh, no!), let us know ASAP below. Also, if you aren’t confirmed/listed but available to play as a fill in, let us know that below. Finally, spouses and others are welcomed to attend the matches, cheering us on, and join in the after-match-fun  at the Club house.

Confirmed IRCC Players

        MEN                                                                WOMEN

  1. Ed Atkins                                                1. Cathy Atkins
  2. Rod Smith                                               2. Nancy Smith
  3. Dave Ross                                               3. Barbara Koch
  4. Peter Evans                                            4. Nancy Kolin
  5. Fred Hartzman                                     5. Andrea Rifkin
  6. Dean Weise                                           6. Nancy Shewfelt
  7. Dave Garfinkel                                     7. Sue Van Geel

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Staying out of the “Kitchen”…

Ah, how many times has the question been asked: when can I go into the “kitchen”? Well, we know you can always go into the kitchen to hit a ball after it bounces there or, stupidly, you can just stand in the kitchen. But the problem is you can’t volley the ball when touching, in any way, any part of the kitchen ( or the “No-Volley-Zone” area, as it’s officially called).  So, what are the specific instances when kitchen faults occur (or when they appeared to be a fault, but are OK)? Click on the link below for a video covering all these.

Kitchen Faults

Another good inter-club match….


The inter-club matches we’ve had this season have been much fun. Well, the next one is coming on Thursday, 3/22. at 5:30pm on our courts. We’ll be hosting pickleballers from Mission Hills in what might be the best yet. The popular round-robin format will be used again for maximum mixing at different skill levels, so everyone gets to play at least 6 games of Men’s/Women’s and Mixed Doubles. And the Mission Hills folks have been invited to a bar-menu social on the Palmer Patio after the matches, which is optional, of course, but has been a delightful finish to evening play (non-playing spouses welcomed).

We’ll have to cap the number of players we can field, so sign up ASAP to assure a spot (also, let us know if you want to play only 3 games, and we’ll try to accommodate you). Please click the link below and send an “I’m in” email to us.

I/We want to play in this Inter-Club

Got a Wish?……………


“Well, the season’s moving on and we’re enjoying the Open Play time, aren’t we? Our guess is that you’d answer that it’s been good times, but maybe it can be even better. That’s why we’d like to get your comments and suggestions about improving things, from the physical conditions to the way players should rotate onto courts during Open Play. For example, there’s serious concerns about the blinding sun downs that make playing on the new east/west courts virtually impossible, and the interesting idea of stringing court curtains between the light poles to make these courts playable during this popular time of day (4-6pm). Another example is the thought that we can improve the rotation of waiting players onto the courts by simply asking them to place their paddles in order next to the court gate, to indicate they are next in line for the first open court.
So, please take a few minutes and let us have your “wish” for improving the pickleball Open Play experience. The Club has been very responsive to our needs in the past (like four new courts, etc.) and we can help the decision-making process by compiling a group “wish list.”  Think about it and then pass on your comments and suggestions in a email by clicking the link below. Oh, and we need your response by the end of this week, so let’s hear from you ASAP. Thanks.”




Friday’s Exhibition……..

The IRCC Exhibition team of (from left) Morgan Evens, Marcin Rozpedski, Blake Wilcox, and Scott Burr, with our Randy Berg in the match chair.

We had a fast and furious pickleball exhibition at the Club on Friday by four local pros, three of whom our national champions. Great play that we were all delighted to witness (along with the quick-witted repartee from the chair by our pro, Randy Berg). A very fun event that we hope to see every year, as it stimulates we picklers to take our own games to new levels (well at least a step or two up).

We’ll have another chance to witness pickleball at its best again later this month (3/23-3/25) at the very nearby Lakes CC. These same pros are entered along with a number of other pro National Champions, such as our young local champ, Aspen Kern. We’ll send out more info on this event, but mark your calendars, so you don’t miss it.

See you on the courts.