Friday’s Exhibition……..

The IRCC Exhibition team of (from left) Morgan Evens, Marcin Rozpedski, Blake Wilcox, and Scott Burr, with our Randy Berg in the match chair.

We had a fast and furious pickleball exhibition at the Club on Friday by four local pros, three of whom our national champions. Great play that we were all delighted to witness (along with the quick-witted repartee from the chair by our pro, Randy Berg). A very fun event that we hope to see every year, as it stimulates we picklers to take our own games to new levels (well at least a step or two up).

We’ll have another chance to witness pickleball at its best again later this month (3/23-3/25) at the very nearby Lakes CC. These same pros are entered along with a number of other pro National Champions, such as our young local champ, Aspen Kern. We’ll send out more info on this event, but mark your calendars, so you don’t miss it.

See you on the courts.