Got a Wish?……………


“Well, the season’s moving on and we’re enjoying the Open Play time, aren’t we? Our guess is that you’d answer that it’s been good times, but maybe it can be even better. That’s why we’d like to get your comments and suggestions about improving things, from the physical conditions to the way players should rotate onto courts during Open Play. For example, there’s serious concerns about the blinding sun downs that make playing on the new east/west courts virtually impossible, and the interesting idea of stringing court curtains between the light poles to make these courts playable during this popular time of day (4-6pm). Another example is the thought that we can improve the rotation of waiting players onto the courts by simply asking them to place their paddles in order next to the court gate, to indicate they are next in line for the first open court.
So, please take a few minutes and let us have your “wish” for improving the pickleball Open Play experience. The Club has been very responsive to our needs in the past (like four new courts, etc.) and we can help the decision-making process by compiling a group “wish list.”  Think about it and then pass on your comments and suggestions in a email by clicking the link below. Oh, and we need your response by the end of this week, so let’s hear from you ASAP. Thanks.”