Thursday’s Inter-Club……..

As previously announced, there’s an inter-club round-robin match here on Thursday at 5:30pm with the folks from Mission Hills Country Club. We expect to play until about 7pm and then the Mission Hills folks have been invited to join us for the bar menu delights around the fire pits of the Palmer Patio (you’ll need warmups).

Here’s the list of our confirmed players. We’ve the exact number of players (14) to match those from Mission Hills, so if a confirmed player has a last minute problem (oh, no!), let us know ASAP below. Also, if you aren’t confirmed/listed but available to play as a fill in, let us know that below. Finally, spouses and others are welcomed to attend the matches, cheering us on, and join in the after-match-fun  at the Club house.

Confirmed IRCC Players

        MEN                                                                WOMEN

  1. Ed Atkins                                                1. Cathy Atkins
  2. Rod Smith                                               2. Nancy Smith
  3. Dave Ross                                               3. Barbara Koch
  4. Peter Evans                                            4. Nancy Kolin
  5. Fred Hartzman                                     5. Andrea Rifkin
  6. Dean Weise                                           6. Nancy Shewfelt
  7. Dave Garfinkel                                     7. Sue Van Geel

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