Thursday’s Inter-club………


Well, it’s time for another inter-club, at least we think it is. You recall we had scheduled one with Mission Hills a week or so ago, but the weather was so iffy, with rain forecast and heavy winds, that Mission Hills opted to wait for  better weather. So, we picked this coming Thursday, April 5,  at 4pm, with a social after play at 5:30 or so on the Palmer Patio.  Of course, Mama Nature is doubling down with a very hot Thursday forecasted. I had earlier offered alternate dates to Mission Hills , which they passed on in favor of Thursday, but now they’ve asked us to pole our players whether we want to stay with this Thursday or do Sunday, April 8, or Sunday, April 15, at 9am, with brunch at JKs thereafter. So, please let us know ASAP what you prefer, and are available for, by clicking on the link below.

What do you prefer?