It’s Mission Hills this Sunday, April 8…….

Folks,  The results of our poll to decide the Mission Hills inter-club play date matched that of  the poll Mission Hills took: the overwhelming vote was for Sunday, April 8, here at 9am. For those who can not make it this Sunday, we also have a date with Trilogy CC here on Saturday, April 14, at 9am, and there’ll be a spot for you. Play both days will be in a round-robin format, so it’ll be a real fun mixture.

Below is a list we have to date of those who preferred to play Mission Hills this Sunday. Please let me know ASAP if we’ve got it wrong and you can’t or want to play, clicking on the link below. Also, there’s a brunch-social following play, about 10:30 at JKs, which we hope many of you will attend (Boo, Hoo! last time only a couple of our members attended). But remember that Randy & Nadine Woods are hosting a party for us at their place at 5pm, which allows you plenty of time to watch The Masters, clean up, take a nap, etc.

MEN                                                                                     WOMEN

Jon Van Geel                                                                     Sue Van Geel

Fred Hartzman                                                               Andrea Rifkin

Dave Ross                                                                        Mary Herman

Clark Shewfelt                                                               Nancy Shewfelt

Jim Gilford                                                                     Beth Keno

MJ Chapman

While the ideal number of our players is 14, some of us can share one of the two rounds. So, don’t hesitate in letting us know your interest.

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