Trilogy Match Saturday………………..

Here’s a correction to the earlier blog, i.e. we still have two openings for the Saturday matches with Trilogy. Please let us know your availability by emailing below.  

“Folks, The Trilogy/La Quinta Club pickleballers will be here this Saturday (April 14) for round-robin matches that begin at 9am. As we did last Sunday, we’ll be inviting them to join some of us at Jk’s for brunch after playing (it’s “Dutch” of course). Here’s our committed roster at this time, which is almost full, with only a couple of spots available:

MEN                                                                    WOMEN

  1. Glenn Sapa                                             1. Susan Bogan
  2. Dave Ross                                                  2. Charlene Nelson
  3. Jim Gilford                                                3. Beth Keno
  4. Tom Herman                                            4. Mary Herman
  5. Jon Van Geel                                             5. Sue Van Geel
  6. Peter Evans
  7. Dean Wiese

To fill those remaining spots and if there’s any question about the above, please click on the link below and send us an email. Otherwise, we’ll see you at the courts around 8:30am to warm up for the start of matches at 9am.”

Your email link.