News of sorts………


Folks, You might recognize three of these handsome guys (pickleballers Sapa, Smith, and Heinz). They won a mini golf tournament this week, which gives force to the idea of a golf/pickleball day next season ( like Tennis’s “Bogies and Faults”). What think you?

Oh, for those of you signing up for the initial one-hour clinics next Tuesday, 4/24, with Denise or the one with Karen on Thursday, 5/3, please pay these certified instructors at the time with $20 in cash or check. There’s been a lot of signup activity, so there’s likely to be added clinics in May.

Finally, we all want to have an edge in our play, so you might like this video on one way  to “take advantage” on the court. Just click on the link below.

“Take Advantage” Video

What do you think?