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We’re “the Remnants”????

Well, we pickleballers,  remaining in the desert as the season winds down,  might be called “remnants”, or maybe “leftovers.” On the other hand, maybe we’re “the steadfast” or “the resolved.” Whichever, it’s important to know who’s ready to play pickle tomorrow (Thursday) and/or this Saturday or Sunday at 8am. Let us know who and when by clicking on the email button below, and we’ll share the info among the responding group. Hopefully, we can get in some play before it really gets hot next week.

See you on the courts!

I’d like to play some or all of those days.

Joining in and helping out……………….

Folks,  Your “wishes” in the recent survey of Indian Ridge pickleballers led to an ambitious list of special events that supplements a number of ongoing activities. These events include a unique opening day tournament, interfacing with the National  Championships at the Tennis Gardens, a SuperBowl Sunday Round-Robin,  a first-time Member/Guest Tourney,  and even a Bogies (golf) & Faults (pickleball) contest.  It’s all very exciting, but requires lots of  planning and hands-on attention to have it all work the way we’d like. Meanwhile, members have asked for several new performance-related activities, such as new practice drills, clinics and a team in a new mixed doubles league.  So, here’s a plan of how we can organize our efforts to provide a growing, positive pickleball experience this next season and in future ones.

Special events and ongoing activities fit into categories that suggest these four areas: Events, Performance, Communications and Liaison.  The idea is to have pickleball-involved members volunteer for assignments in one or more of these areas (particularly Events and Performance), where the help is needed, now and in the future.   Let’s discuss the scope and needs in each of these areas:


This area of events includes both the new or special events being added to the calendar, as mentioned above, and those that have become regular events, such as the inter-club matches we have about every two weeks. Here we need lead coordinators with experience in creating and overseeing special events of this kind, and then some members to accept assignments for managing and/or hosting one or more of these events. Nadine Woods, who has managed large events for NBC Sports, has agreed to be one of the leaders in guiding our Events program.


This area involves all aspects of improving and supporting the performance of our current and prospective  pickleballers. These include offering introductory sessions for beginners by experienced member-volunteers,  clinics by certified instructors for intermediate/advanced player development, and regular drills to improve performance of all interested players. The scope also includes interfacing with the Desert Pickleball Leagues and organizing and captaining participating teams. Here the natural lead coordinators at the outset would be this last season’s team captains, supplemented by volunteers for holding special drills and activities. Dean Wiese, Clark Shewfelt, Kim Boestam and Andrea Rifkin have been the effective desert league captains this last season and have accept leadership assignments in this area, and will welcome help with activities in this expanding area.


Promoting pickleball throughout the Club is the primary role in this area, including periodic all-member email blasts, maintaining and enhancing the pickleball pages on the Club’s website, and initiating or coordinating messages on the Indian Ridge Pickleballers blog site. Coordinators in this area should ideally have online marketing and communication skills and experience.  Beth Keno has professional experience in this area and agreed to join Rod Smith in managing communications.


The mission of coordinators in this area is to maintain an effective, mutually-cooperative interface between the Club’s Staff and Board and the coordinators of the above areas, so that the Club’s goals and requirements and participating members’ interests remain aligned.   Necessarily, these liaison coordinators should be members of the Club’s Tennis/Pickleball Committee. Currently, these members are David Garfinkel, MJ Chapman and Rod Smith.

As an active pickleball-playing member, you are encouraged to accept assignments in one or more of these areas, particularly in the expanding Events and Performance areas. If you are interested, please send an email message to the leaders of either area by clicking one of the links below. Also, there’s a clickable link to email a question or comment about the overall plan.

I’d like to help with Events

I’ll help with Performance activities

I have a question or comment about this plan

Ok, Open Play times change…….

Nothing to do with this issue, just showing off the proper shirt

Well, a handful of die-hard pickleballers unanimously agreed that we should have Open Play “every day at 8am,” rather than enduring the late afternoon heat on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons this summer. So, when you get the urge to play, you can:

  1. Just come down to the courts at 8 am and see whose there; or
  2. check the Club’s online tennis/pickleball court booking system* to see if others have signed up that particular day and there’s an opening, adding your name while you’re there; or
  3. contact those you want to play with and invite them; or
  4. do some version of these options.

Hopefully this will be workable until the new season gets underway in October.

* Sign into the Club site, click on the “Tennis” button, select “Book a Court” and put your name (and those playing with you) on a pickleball court; if you have trouble doing this, call the Desk and ask them to help you with this process.


Open Play Time Changes??

Folks,  As the temperature rises, the competitive urge seems to fade. As a result, we’re starting Open Play at 8am on Saturdays and Sundays now.  So maybe it’s time to change the Tuesday/Thursday 4pm Open Play times. How about “every day at 8am” Open Play? Let us know your thoughts, even if you’re here for only a few more days/weeks.  Just click on the link below and send us an email.

Open Play Time Changes?

Hot shots and hotter weather ………

Folks, The weather has suddenly turned pretty hot, don’t you think? Should we try starting Open Play on Saturdays and Sundays at 8am rather than 9am? Assuming you want to avoid suffering as much as we do, see you at 8am, starting tomorrow.

Oh, one of the things the pros do so well is the backhand sliced return of serves. Here’s a video that shows the steps involved in doing it successfully. Click the button below and check it out.

Backhand Sliced Return

Next season’s dates and other things…..

Folks,  Now that the desert season is winding down, we’ve got to start planning for the 2018-2019 season, just six short months way. So, our Tennis/Pickleball Director asked for the pickleball events we’d like to feature in the Club’s official calendar, beginning in November. Here’s the special events offered and dates accepted today for the 2018-19 calendar:


Saturday, 11/10: “Welcome Back” Opening Round-Robin Tournament & Brunch                                                 (followed by seats at the Nationals Pro Gold Medal matches at the                                                     Tennis Gardens?)

Saturday, 11/17: Inter-Club Round-Robin Match


Saturday, 12/1:  Inter-Club Round-Robin Match

Saturday, 12/15: Inter-Club Round-Robin Match


Thursday, 1/10: Bogies & Faults (as a companion to this regular tennis event, we’ll play                                  pickleball round-robin matches in the morning and then 9 holes of golf                                        in  the afternoon)

Saturday, 1/19:  Inter-Club Round-Robin Match


Sunday, 2/3: Super Bowl Challenge & Brunch ( one round of competing Super-Bowl-                                  Team play and another round-robin matches- to heal the bruised egos-                                  followed by a JKs brunch, all before the Big Game)

Saturday, 2/16: Inter-Club Round-Robin Match

Saturday, 2/23: USA vs. Canada International Tournament ( It’s done in golf, so why not                                 pickle – one round of team play and another of round-robin matches to                                 heal the wounds of war- followed by a JKs brunch, for those still talking).


Saturday, 3/2: Pickleball Pro Doubles Exhibition  

Saturday, 3/23: Inter-Club Round-Robin Match

Saturday, 3/30: Inter-Club Round-Robin Match


Saturday, 4/6: Member-Guest Tournament

Friday, 4/12: “See Ya” Closing Round-Robin tournament & Social (either on Palmer Patio                            or someone’s home)