Ok, Open Play times change…….

Nothing to do with this issue, just showing off the proper shirt

Well, a handful of die-hard pickleballers unanimously agreed that we should have Open Play “every day at 8am,” rather than enduring the late afternoon heat on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons this summer. So, when you get the urge to play, you can:

  1. Just come down to the courts at 8 am and see whose there; or
  2. check the Club’s online tennis/pickleball court booking system* to see if others have signed up that particular day and there’s an opening, adding your name while you’re there; or
  3. contact those you want to play with and invite them; or
  4. do some version of these options.

Hopefully this will be workable until the new season gets underway in October.

* Sign into the Club site, click on the “Tennis” button, select “Book a Court” and put your name (and those playing with you) on a pickleball court; if you have trouble doing this, call the Desk and ask them to help you with this process.