Gathering at the Nationals…

We sent you the following message a week ago and hope you’ve gotten your tickets already. If you haven’t, you’ll find a number of seats still open in Section 3 on Thursday and only a couple for Section 2 on Saturday, November 10. Please let us know below the seats you’ve gotten, in what sections on what days, so we can let you know how/when we’ll gather for fun at the games.
U.S. Pickleball Association National Championships tournament is being held at the Indian Wells Tennis Gardens on  November 3-11.  Many of our pickleballers are planning to attend and buying tickets for Thursday, November 8th in Section 3 (for the pro and senior pro mixed doubles gold medal matches) and Saturday, November 10th in Section 2 (for the pro and senior pro men’s and women’s doubles gold medal matches).  Please join us for a fun time, including a food and music gathering at the Garden’s café. The seats are going fast but there’s still a number in these sections, so please make your choice and get your tickets now. Just click on the link below and you’ll go to the site for purchasing tickets.
PS: The Pickleballers’ Season Opening Party has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 15, at 4-6pm. More information will be out soon.