Parking at the courts………….



There’s been some changes in parking by the courts over the last few days. Apparently concerns about street safety was raised by some members at the Club’s recent Annual Meeting and management responded. Unfortunately there was miscommunication about what to do and the curb on each side of the entry stairs was painted “no parking” red. Our General Manager, Hall Wade, noted the error and, as you can see above, the red has been painted over white around the corner, indicating it’s OK to park there. But the curb on the same side of the street before the entry stairs has remained painted “no parking” red, as you can see in the photo below.

20181128_135506  As this new “no parking” zone takes away a dozen or so parking spots for golf carts, like mine above, and seems to present a lower hazard than, say, SUVs,  I’ve asked our General manager if we could allow parking for “Golf Carts Only” in this zone. I’ll let you know if this is OKed. But for now, like the “Kitchen,” please stay out of the red zone.

Your Dinking Committee