Today was good!!!!!

The combined Plam Valley/Indian Ridge pickleballers before play in the first inter-club event of 2018/2019 season.

We not only looked good, we played good. In the attempt to try out a round-robin shootout format that tracks points won, as a forerunner to establishing a Indian Ridge ladder, we recorded the number of points won in the first round of Men’s and Women’s doubles. To nobody’s surprise, Dean and Kim picked up the most points of our players, both with 77.8% of the available points (oh, yeah, those Palm Valley guys had just a few more this time).

Anyways, we’ll consider further the appropriateness of doing more shootouts (maybe taking 3 or 4 of our Open Play courts now and then) to begin establishing a basis for an Indian Ridge pickleball ladder. The idea is to satisfy the interests and ambitions of members at every skill level, e.g. two years ago in Park City, I started on the lowest court of four, moved up in two weeks to court 2, and then on to court 1 before falling back to courts 2 and 3, where I found my comfort level (winning about  77% of available points). Me thinks most of our players will want more after once tasting well the goods.

Regarding the recent signup for the Women’s Doubles League team, this writer errored  by putting in a wrong email address for co-captain Kim Boestam. While she and Andrea Rifkin have some how already cornered the market for players, we’re repeating the link to Kim that should work for members still interested in playing in the League (no George, not for you).

I’m available for the Women’s Doubles League team.