You’ll want to view this infomercial…

Folks, This heads up is copied from the USAPA Newsletter:

“In case you missed the original showing, the special 1-hr. encore presentation of

the Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships from Indian Wells, CA

will air this Saturday on ESPNEWS at 1PM ET / 10AM PT.

The ESPNEWS broadcast was produced from over 16 hours of livestreamed content that originally aired on ESPN3 during the tournament week.  In case you missed any of the livesteam, all of these matches are available in their entirety on-demand within the ESPN3 website. Details for connecting and watching these matches on ESPN3 are available here on the Event website. These matches will remain on-demand on ESPN3 for a period of one year.


For those of you that watched the complete matches during the livestream, there will be no surprises for you as you watch the special 1-hr. ESPNEWS telecast.  The idea was to allow those who were following the tournament in real time (primarily members and pickleball fans) to watch these matches as they happened and in their entirety. By pulling the best-of-the-best content from the livestreamed content, ESPN was able to showcase the sport to the general public, primarily those who were not following the livestream.  This is also why ESPN wanted to include general rules, diagrams and other introductory elements within the show and also encouraged the commentators to engage in basic question and answer dialog throughout the show. Again, all of this was done intentionally to inform and educate those who may be watching pickleball for the first time. Think of it like a 1-hour infomercial for pickleball.


In closing, we hope you will take an hour out of your busy holiday weekend and watch (or at least set your DVR and record) the broadcast. If you missed the first airing, we think you will be impressed by the high-quality and professionalism of the ESPN production and agree that this will serve as a great promotion tool in our ongoing quest of growing the sport. “