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Saturday’s Open Play ……………..

Here’s Morgan Evans and Marcin Rozpedski, the national Gold Medal duo that will play in the 2019 Pickleball Exhibition on our Stadium Court this Friday at 4pm-5pm.

Folks, Pickleball is indeed on the rise if our Experience Indian Ridge Weekend sign up for playing pickleball this Saturday morning is any indication. This year we have 16 prospective members choosing pickleball,  when last year maybe 4 or 5 made it to the pickleball courts. So, for those of you planning to play Saturday morning, please give them warm greetings when they arrive for play at 10am. Also, we’ll need to use courts 1-3 from 10am-12pm for these special guests.

Otherwise, Saturday’s Open Play goes on from 9am-11am as usual, including the 8am “Pickleball Basics” clinic for beginning players, which will also include some of these Experience Weekend guests.


Awesome Exhibition on Friday….


The last season’s exhibition with world class, local pros Marcin Rozpedski, Blake Wilcox, Scott Burr, and Morgan Evans….such fun to watch!

Wow, has a year gone bye already? It seems just weeks ago that we all had such fun watching these world-class pros battle each other over the net, from kitchen line to kitchen line. But the very good news is that they’re coming back to our stadium court this Friday, March 1, from 4 to 5pm. Don’t miss it! No charge, of course, and the wine wagon will be there to help us relax. So, c’mon, it’ll be great fun!

Open Play Tomorrow (2/26)……

Folks, Listen up. Our venerable Women’s Grand-Pre League team is playing two make up matches with two different clubs on the courts tomorrow afternoon at 1pm and 3pm. They’ll need to use 4 courts until at least 4pm. Soooo, if you’re planning to play tomorrow, expect only 3 courts will be available until about 4pm (maybe one should favor the cocktail hour and arrive closer to 4pm?). Thanks for your understanding and


Springs is coming…………….

Here’s the happy group of pickleballers who played Saturday in the Palm Desert Greens CC inter-club event. Great fun!

No, this is not a weather report. It’s a forewarning that The Springs CC folks are coming here this Saturday (2/23) for round-round matches, beginning at 10am.   We understand that this impressive club has an impressive group of pickleballers. So you don’t want to miss this challenging but enjoyable event (after all, in each round you play with each other on your  court, so you/them not stuck in a rut!!). Let us know you want to play this Saturday by sending an email to Nadine via the link below. As there is a limit to how many players we can accommodate, so sign up now. 

I’d/we’d like to play in Saturday’s inter-club event.



Indian Ridge Pickleballers – Feb 16

Attention Pickleballers!

This Saturday’s inter-club match has been changed to 10 am here at Indian Ridge with Palm Desert Greens, rather than at Palm Valley CC  We have a full roster, but email Nadine if you want to participate and have not yet signed up (just click on the link below and send your email).

Courts will be available for Open Play at 12 noon on Saturday and, of course, we hope to see everyone at 9am on Sunday morning for Open Play on the courts.

I’d/we’d like to play in this Saturday’s inter-club


Come on, an inter-club this Saturday

We’re joining our tennis players this Saturday at 9am for an inter-club match, across Country Club Drive, at Palm Valley CC.  We had a good time mixing and playing round- robin matches when these folks visited us in December, so it should be another enjoyable event. Don’t miss it by clicking on the email link below and letting us know you can make it (if you’ve already signed up, thanks).

I’d/we’d like to play in the inter-club Saturday

PS:  Several Indian Ridge members played in the Senior Games last weekend, with some winners: George Balch won Gold in the 3.5 Men’s Doubles, Jack Yeaton won Silver in the 3.0 Men’s Doubles , and the team of Beth Keno and Jim Gilford won Bronze in the 3.0 Mixed Doubles. Congrats to all!



Saturday’s Palm Valley Match…..

The combined Plam Valley/Indian Ridge pickleballers before play in the first inter-club event of 2018/2019 season.

Hey Folks,  Coming this Saturday (2/16) is the second half of the home and home match played with Palm Valley in December. Then it was good fun and challenging too and should be even better this time around. We’ll be visiting their club just across Country Club Drive, with play beginning Saturday at 9AM. Please let us know if you’d like to play by sending Nadine an email; just click on the link below.

I’d/we’d like to play at Palm Valley CC this Saturday


Super Bowl Event Tomorrow????????

This is the impressive scoreboard designed for the tennis and pickleball teams, Rams or Patriots, to post their game scores and win prizes. Maybe they’ll repeat next year????
Pickleballers, We’re very sad to say that tomorrow morning’s “sold out,” much-anticipated Super Bowl pickleball event is …….. cancelled.  The persistent rainy weather today will most likely mean unplayable courts tomorrow morning. Our events team, supported by our leader, Randy Berg, did a great job of planning some fun games beyond pickleball, with all kinds of prizes and goodies. This impressive effort makes cancelation even sadder than it is, but speaks well for the quality of the several future events planned for this season.