Saturday’s Open Play ……………..

Here’s Morgan Evans and Marcin Rozpedski, the national Gold Medal duo that will play in the 2019 Pickleball Exhibition on our Stadium Court this Friday at 4pm-5pm.

Folks, Pickleball is indeed on the rise if our Experience Indian Ridge Weekend sign up for playing pickleball this Saturday morning is any indication. This year we have 16 prospective members choosing pickleball,  when last year maybe 4 or 5 made it to the pickleball courts. So, for those of you planning to play Saturday morning, please give them warm greetings when they arrive for play at 10am. Also, we’ll need to use courts 1-3 from 10am-12pm for these special guests.

Otherwise, Saturday’s Open Play goes on from 9am-11am as usual, including the 8am “Pickleball Basics” clinic for beginning players, which will also include some of these Experience Weekend guests.