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The latest……..PB….News

Ah, there’s much to report. First, the always-fun to-watch Spring Fling tournament at our neighbor club, The Lakes, last weekend produced silver medal winners in Nancy Shewfelt and her fellow-Canadian partner,  Debbie McRobbie. Photo below was taken a our courts the other day, as they basked in the glow of stardom.

One wouldn’t guess that these young ladies won silver in the 3.5/50+ age bracket (so young looking, except for the crooked thumbs)

And the other news happened today when we had great inter-club matches with the fine folks from the Trilogy at La Quinta CC.  As we played each other in the round-robin format, there was no definite winner but they were smiling when joining us after play for lunch at JKs. Here’s some photos to prove it.


Before we took to the courts
Lunch after the matches at JKs with our Trilogy


Pickleball Events

Group photo from two years ago. Not sure of the event, but do you recognize any of these dedicated players when pickleball was young at IRCC.

Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

Our season end is approaching, but there are still a few more events to participant in before friends head off to other parts:

Saturday, March 30 – We will be hosting Trilogy Country Club for an Inter-club match beginning at 10 am.  We will be using all courts, so please sign up below to participate.  We currently have 7 people signed up.  Please note we are limited to 21 players.

Sunday, March 31 – Scholarship Fundraiser.  Donate $150 per person to the Indian Ridge “Make a Difference” Fund.  Play pickleball at 9 am and enjoy the luncheon afterwards.

Thursday, April 11 – Season Farewell Party.  Evening “Pot Luck” party and round-robin open play.  More information to follow, but be sure to save the date.

Friday, April 12 – Sun City has invited us to play pickleball on their courts and enjoy a Pizza and Beer party afterwards.  This will be a late afternoon/evening gathering.  Details coming soon.

I’m/we’re available to play in the Trilogy CC inter-club matches on Saturday, March 30



Inter-Club Pickleball Match

Not certain, but think this photo was of last season’s Trilogy/IRCC inter-club players.

Indian  Ridge Pickleballers, we have two more Inter-Club matches before the season comes to an end.  Mark your calendars for Saturday, March 30th and Friday, April 12th.

Please sign up below to play Saturday, March 30 at 10 am here at Indian Ridge with Trilogy Country Club.  We need all levels!

I’m/we’re available for the Trilogy inter-club on March 30th

Pickleball Supports Scholarship Fund


Attention Pickleballers!  Sunday, March 31 is our chance to support the Indian Ridge Scholarship Fund for the families of our loyal and dedicated staff.  You have seen the emails and received the invitations for this most worthy cause.  Your donation of $150 per player registers you to play on Sunday morning and then join the Honoree Luncheon that follows.  Current and past recipients will speak at the luncheon to express their gratitude and share how our scholarship has changed their lives.

Extra invitations can be found at the Conciege Desk or indicate your interest by clicking on the link below and sending an email.  Fun Round-Robin play and gift bags for all who donate.

Thank you for your Support!

I’m supporting the Scholarship Fund and playing in the pickleball event.





Au Revoir ????

Such a happy group!!

Folks, We’ve had some good times this season, among our pickleballers and with other clubs, as above. We’re planning some more events to complete the season on a high note. So, it will help us to know if you’ll be leaving before the end of April. If you are, please click on the link below and send an email to Nadine, letting her know when you plan to leave before the end April.  Thanks.

Here’s when we’re leaving before the end of April


Spring and springing ahead……..


Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

Ah, Spring and daylight saving time approaches this Sunday. So, as has been our habit, Open Play time on Tuesdays and Thursdays moves from 3-5pm to 4-6pm. It’ll be lighter later and cooler at that time (when we might start getting hot again). This all begins next Tuesday, March 12, at 4pm. See you there!

This and that………….

Here’s the “this” that is the new curb and road signs near the pickleball courts entrance. It’s a special effort of the Club to maintain a safe zone around this sharp,  90-degree curve in Clubhouse Way. We hope all our members and guests abide.


Now the “that” is this paddle left at the courts today and can be retrieved at the Fitness Center desk.



We’re playing!!!!!!

Yes, as you can see outside, the sun has come out and the courts are drying. So, the scheduled Experience Indian Ridge event and Open Play will start at 10am. As planned, our guests, the prospective members, will have first dibs on courts 1-3 and we’ll also have a clinic for some of them. Please be patient with court availability as we greet our guests and have a great day together. See you on the courts.

Center Stage plus 1…………

2019 Exhibition pros: Morgan Evans, Marcin Rozpedski, Randy Berg, Kim Jagd, and Scot Burr. They put on a great show of dinks, smashes and what not.

Folks, Hope you enjoyed the pickleball exhibition hosted by our (not-so-serious) Randy Berg, with the National champs in the picture above. It was very well attended and impressed all, that you could tell by all the ooohs and aaahs heard courtside.

Unfortunately, the showers came by early this morning and the planned 8am clinic had to be canceled. Not sure yet about the 10am clinic and play time. We’ll try to get out an advisory about the 10am clinic and the courts playability in an hour or so from now. If in any doubt, please call  the Fitness Center desk at (760) 772-4432.