Center Stage plus 1…………

2019 Exhibition pros: Morgan Evans, Marcin Rozpedski, Randy Berg, Kim Jagd, and Scot Burr. They put on a great show of dinks, smashes and what not.

Folks, Hope you enjoyed the pickleball exhibition hosted by our (not-so-serious) Randy Berg, with the National champs in the picture above. It was very well attended and impressed all, that you could tell by all the ooohs and aaahs heard courtside.

Unfortunately, the showers came by early this morning and the planned 8am clinic had to be canceled. Not sure yet about the 10am clinic and play time. We’ll try to get out an advisory about the 10am clinic and the courts playability in an hour or so from now. If in any doubt, please call  the Fitness Center desk at (760) 772-4432.