Pickleball Events

Group photo from two years ago. Not sure of the event, but do you recognize any of these dedicated players when pickleball was young at IRCC.

Indian Ridge Pickleballers,

Our season end is approaching, but there are still a few more events to participant in before friends head off to other parts:

Saturday, March 30 – We will be hosting Trilogy Country Club for an Inter-club match beginning at 10 am.  We will be using all courts, so please sign up below to participate.  We currently have 7 people signed up.  Please note we are limited to 21 players.

Sunday, March 31 – Scholarship Fundraiser.  Donate $150 per person to the Indian Ridge “Make a Difference” Fund.  Play pickleball at 9 am and enjoy the luncheon afterwards.

Thursday, April 11 – Season Farewell Party.  Evening “Pot Luck” party and round-robin open play.  More information to follow, but be sure to save the date.

Friday, April 12 – Sun City has invited us to play pickleball on their courts and enjoy a Pizza and Beer party afterwards.  This will be a late afternoon/evening gathering.  Details coming soon.

I’m/we’re available to play in the Trilogy CC inter-club matches on Saturday, March 30