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Added Open Play time…….

Some folks have asked that we have Open Play times on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8:00am-10am. Given the increasingly hot weather, it should be a good substitute for the 4pm Open Play times those days. So, let’s try it beginning this Thursday, April 25.  If it works out for the majority of you all, we’ll continue it through the summer months (if you have an opinion, one way or the other, let us know via the email link below).

This is what I thnk about it.


So, before your memories of the swell 2019 Closing Party we had last week begin to fade, here’s some great photos that just surfaced to bring back the good play and camaraderie of that evening.

Many thanks to Nadine Woods, Nancy Kolin and our incredible ladies for the good food and all for the fun-filled US vs. Canada Challenge (the results were since audited and it was really a tie!).


Boy, it’s getting hot………..

Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

With the weather turning hotter by the day, there’s increased interest in beginning weekend Open Play an hour earlier on 8am vs. 9am. So, for you all who want to get to the courts at the earlier hour of 8am (or thereabouts) and beat some of the heat, please do it, as that’ll be the official start until next season in October. Those slow to “roll out” of bed in the morning can still find plenty of play starting at 9am. If, per chance, this doesn’t work out for most players, we can always move back to 9am. So, let’s give it a try and beat some of the heat.




Kudos to our mixed doubles team……

MixedPickleball League Trophy

Yes, they did it. They’re the  championship team of the Mixed Doubles League, under the captaincies of Dave Garfinkel and Jim Gilford: Nancy & Clark S., Kim B., Dean W., Beth K., Lori Y., Heather D., Manny R., Andrea R., Peter E., Mary Jeanne C., Marilyn D., Dixie & Greg L., and Dave R.  Against good competition from Toscana, Palm Springs and Mission Hills, they won 83.3% of the points available in the first-year of the Mixed Doubles League.  We all hope this dominance carries over to next season and keeps Indian Ridge the scourge of the MDL

What a great Closing Party!!!!!


The Challenge teams before all the 16-game action.

Wow! The inaugural USA vs. Canada Challenge matches played out at our season closing party were a great success, with spirited action cheered on by an enthusiastic gallery. Congrats to all the blues and reds that played on into the evening.

The “reconciliation” social after the Challenge action.

Tasty and plentiful food and beverage followed the pickleball Challenge, and whatever competitive egos were damaged in the heat of these battles were quickly healed in this atmosphere  of goodwill (geez, is this poetic or what?). Kudos to Nadine Woods and all her helpers/providers. Also to be remembered is Kim Boestam leading us in singing “Oh Canada” with such command.

While we cast this last evening as our “closing” party, there’s still plenty of pickleball play left this season. So, keep your paddles nearby and get out to the courts as much as possible; Open Play stays open Saturday and Sunday (9-11am) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (4-6pm).

We’ll be publishing our schedule of pickleball events well before our next season. However, we’d welcome comments about this season and suggestions for the next via the email link below or otherwise.  See you on the courts.

I’ve got a comment and/or suggestion




More to the Guessing Game………

Folks,  The last blog regarding the Challenge results Guessing Game neglected to say to those downloading and using the Order of Play sheet to be sure to indicate, after going though the matches,  which side (US or CA) gets the most points and how many points the side won by. If you haven’t downloaded the sheet yet, a corrected version is available by clicking on the link below. If you’ve worked on the sheet already, just note the winner and the difference in points won.

Thanks and see you at the courts at 6pm today, and bring your $5 if you’re playing the “Guessing Game.”



The Challenge Guessing Game….

So, we’re planning to hold the inaugural USA vs. Canada Pickleball Challenge during the closing event of the season that starts at 6pm tomorrow evening (Thursday, April 11) at the courts. The Challenge will be played on courts 1-4 beginning around 6:30, as soon as the sun goes down enough. And while it’ll be a fun thing to watch as we settle in for some good food and drink, there’s also the related challenge of guessing which side might win. To this end, we’re including the Order of Play we’ll be using or the Challenge matches through the link below so if you can guess in advance what the results of this friendly competition might be.


And, if you’d like to join in our guessing pool, just print out the sheet, put in the point scores you think likely for each match and total the points for the US and Canada for each court and the US/Canada grand totals ( you’ll note that some teams in some games are awarded points to hopefully make things fair). Given the “Games at 11, win by 1” format, the maximum points by court could be 48/44 and the grand totals for the Challenge could be as high as 192/176 points and a lot in between. So don’t be frustrated, just give it a best guess. And if you feel pretty confident with your guess, bring your completed “guess sheet” along with $5 and you’ll be in the pool for some big winnings. If your confused by all this or hesitant, because you don’t know some of team players or otherwise, just bring the sheet and we’ll help you complete it before the play is well underway.




Season Closing Party Thursday, April 11

Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

Indian Ridge Pickleballers

Join us this Thursday on the courts for fun, games, dinner and drinks!  Rod is organizing a friendly competition of US vs Canada.  Three courts will be available for open play as well.  So wear your Red or Blue, bring a dish to share and BYOB.

New Start time is 6 pm.  Cooler temperature and less sun in our eyes.

Thank you to everyone who has already rsvp’d and offered to bring goodies.  Leah Smith has generously offer to make authentic Italian Sub sandwiches for the group.  So if you don’t have time to cook, simply donate to the party fund that night.

If you haven’t already done so, please rsvp below.  See you on the courts!!!

I’d/we’d like to attend the Party.

Winners All……

The winners at the Toscana Invitational last week, from the left: Sue, Nancy,?, Beth, Kim, Lori?, Andrea, Nancy (?), MJ

A big congrats to our IRCC dominating ladies that won the Toscana Invitational last week. We understand that the trophy will soon be on display at the Fitness Desk. We encourage all you guys to pay homage.

Season Closing Pickleball Party

If you have a well-behaved dog to bring, we’ll just rename him/her “Pickles.”

Pickleball Friends!

Our season at Indian Ridge is coming to a close.  Before we lose our Canadian friends to the north and our US friends across the nation, it’s time for a party, with some fun social play together, along side the inaugural USA vs. Canada Pickleball Challenge.  So, please join us on Thursday, April 11 from 4-6 on the courts and let us know if you’d like to play in the Challenge if there’s openings (we’re limited to 3 courts, with team captains making assignments, and with regular social play on the remaining courts).

It’s a party!  Bring a dish to share, your favorite beverage and yes, a spouse, significant other or friend.  Email Nadine your RSVP, whether you’d like to play in the Challenge (if available), and what you plan to bring, using the link below.  We will organize the games and provide tables, chairs, paper products, etc., but we need to know who’s coming.  Oh, you may want to bring some dollar bills as we’ll probably be wagering on the Challenge outcome.  Please RSVP ASAP.

Yes, I’m/we’re coming and bringing (??????)