The Challenge Guessing Game….

So, we’re planning to hold the inaugural USA vs. Canada Pickleball Challenge during the closing event of the season that starts at 6pm tomorrow evening (Thursday, April 11) at the courts. The Challenge will be played on courts 1-4 beginning around 6:30, as soon as the sun goes down enough. And while it’ll be a fun thing to watch as we settle in for some good food and drink, there’s also the related challenge of guessing which side might win. To this end, we’re including the Order of Play we’ll be using or the Challenge matches through the link below so if you can guess in advance what the results of this friendly competition might be.


And, if you’d like to join in our guessing pool, just print out the sheet, put in the point scores you think likely for each match and total the points for the US and Canada for each court and the US/Canada grand totals ( you’ll note that some teams in some games are awarded points to hopefully make things fair). Given the “Games at 11, win by 1” format, the maximum points by court could be 48/44 and the grand totals for the Challenge could be as high as 192/176 points and a lot in between. So don’t be frustrated, just give it a best guess. And if you feel pretty confident with your guess, bring your completed “guess sheet” along with $5 and you’ll be in the pool for some big winnings. If your confused by all this or hesitant, because you don’t know some of team players or otherwise, just bring the sheet and we’ll help you complete it before the play is well underway.