What a great Closing Party!!!!!


The Challenge teams before all the 16-game action.

Wow! The inaugural USA vs. Canada Challenge matches played out at our season closing party were a great success, with spirited action cheered on by an enthusiastic gallery. Congrats to all the blues and reds that played on into the evening.

The “reconciliation” social after the Challenge action.

Tasty and plentiful food and beverage followed the pickleball Challenge, and whatever competitive egos were damaged in the heat of these battles were quickly healed in this atmosphere  of goodwill (geez, is this poetic or what?). Kudos to Nadine Woods and all her helpers/providers. Also to be remembered is Kim Boestam leading us in singing “Oh Canada” with such command.

While we cast this last evening as our “closing” party, there’s still plenty of pickleball play left this season. So, keep your paddles nearby and get out to the courts as much as possible; Open Play stays open Saturday and Sunday (9-11am) and Tuesdays and Thursdays (4-6pm).

We’ll be publishing our schedule of pickleball events well before our next season. However, we’d welcome comments about this season and suggestions for the next via the email link below or otherwise.  See you on the courts.

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