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Wonder what they won?

2019 Exhibition pros: Morgan Evans, Marcin Rozpedski, IRCC host Randy Berg, Kim Jagd, and Scot Burr. They put on a great show of dinks, smashes and what not.

Remember the pickleball exhibition last February and the fun-filled, casual-looking group of pros that entertain us with their spectacular and boisterous play? Assuming you do, wonder how they’ve done recently in their tournament play? Well, checking the results of the pickleball U.S. Open played last week in Naples, Florida, we’ve found these results for them (starting from left to right in the above photo):

Morgan Evans (Shadow Mountain pro) won a Gold Medal in the Men’s Doubles 30+ age bracket and Silver in the Mixed Doubles 25+ bracket;

Marcin Rozpedski (now Lakes pro, was IRCC pro) won a Gold Medal in the Men’s Doubles 19+ age bracket, which was amazing given his late 30 age but necessary as he played with another super Palm Desert pro, Aspen Kern, who’s in his 20s, and a Silver in the Mixed Doubles 19+;

Kim Jard won a Bronze Medal in the Women’s Doubles 50+ age bracket; and

Scot Burr won a Silver Medal in the Men’s Doubles 50+ age bracket.

Sooo, we can be very satisfied that we watched some of the best in the business play up close last February.