Some changes underway…….

If you think things have stalled in the heat of the Palm Desert summer, here’s evidence that projects and certain activities have kept going. First, there’s the expanded pavilion area at Indian Ridge, with the new seating areas you see below. Other improvements are in the works, we understand. So stay tuned.

New courtside setting areas at Indian Ridge

Last June, when IRCC action faded, this writer decided to stop over at Freedom Park and maybe pickup a few games. He found the courts empty, when they always had been very active. The reality hit that all the action had shifted to The Palm Desert Resort, just  across Country Club Drive, when they offer refurbished courts and annual paid memberships, with the support of some local pros. It sure appeared that the days when “Freedom is where it’s at” were gone forever. So, it’s a great surprise that Palm Desert is now investing in improving the courts (see below), with new fencing, lighting, seating areas, etc. It’ll be interesting to see if such major improvements (and no annual fee) will bring back some, if not all, of the dedicated players of yore. Again, stay tuned.


Freedom Park pickleball courts currently under a major improvement project