Enhanced Open Play Format



Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

Enhancing Open Play!

Our Indian Ridge Pickleball participant numbers have increased dramatically so we are introducing a new (but tried and true) format to enhance the OPEN PLAY experience.
Effective this Sunday, November 10th, we are going to assign specific courts based on skill level. Here’s how it will work:
1) Court Assignments: we will offer 2 courts for Beginners or Easy Play; 3 courts for Intermediate; 2 courts for Advanced (one offering Challenge Play). These will be indicated by signs on fences. Advanced or Intermediate level players are encouraged to play their initial game (s) with those less skilled, to increase player development. 

2) Rotation: when courts are full, we ask that you indicate your interest to play by hanging your paddle in the fence outside of that court (or stacking it on the adjacent table if more convenient). After each game the next four players with their paddles in line (or on bottom of the stack) will rotate in. Please read the bulletin board posted  Player Rotation  guidelines for when there are only 1-3 players waiting.

3) Skill Level: you will decide where you feel most comfortable playing.
This is a test! It is meant to add structure, not rules. We will try it out for 2 weeks and see whether the format works for everyone. We welcome suggestions along the way, but do ask that initially you ‘go with the flow’ to make this a good experience. Together we can find a good format for us at Indian Ridge.