New CVGP 3.0 League sign up ……

Hi again, Sent the message below that had an inoperative link for signing up for the Men’s team. It’s been fixed, so guys please try the link again. Thanks


There is a new CVGP Premier Pickleball League this season, starting in January and going on to the end of March. They’ll be Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles 3.0 skill level teams playing each Thursday at 11:30am or 1pm, at our courts or at another participating local Club.* There’ll also be a Mixed Doubles 3.0 skill level team that’ll play on Wednesday’s. We hope you will want to play with your friends in one or more of these competitive but enjoyable formats for a maximum three games in the matches you play. So, let us know your availability and interest by clicking on one or two the links below. Then, we’ll get back to you with follow-up information about an organization meeting, some team practices and the steps to sign up with the League.**

I’m interested in playing on the Men’s team

I’m interested in playing on the Women’s team

I’m/we’re interested in playing on the Mixed team

* This new Premier League is separate from the Elite League, which is now for 3.5/4.0 skill level players.

** Each player pays a fee of $45 for the first team and then $30 if they wish to play on a  second team, i.e. play Men’s or Women’s Doubles and also Mixed Doubles.”