Open Play Guidelines…………..

Courts 4 and 5 are available for more social/fun play.
Courts 1-3 are available for 3.0 level players
Courts 6 & 7 are available for 4.0/3.5 level players.

So, you can now select the courts to play on that fit your perceived skill level and your attitude. If you’d like just a little work out and some fun with folks you’re comfortable with (Easy Play), or where you want to test your increased interest and sharpen your skills (Intermediate), or, after playing a lot over time, your skills have “Advanced” to a level you’re interested in testing them for League and tournament play.

Each of the court types has a “Paddles” towel for stacking them.

Some call it paddle “stacking” when waiting players pile their paddles to show they’re ready for the next court opening. As the numbers of players have now increased as members return and get into pickleball, we’re trying this system for rotating on to courts in a fair way. So, if you see the green towel by a court of your choice, stack your paddle and you should be in line to begin playing. We do use the universal guidelines regarding waiting players rotating on to courts. Here they are

  Player Rotation on Designated  Courts

If 1 or 2 players are waiting to play, and play on a court ends, the winners on that court split and stay and the losers are replaced by the waiting players, with these exceptions: (1) if the winners have played two consecutive games on the court, they should leave instead, unless the losers have also played two consecutive games on the court; (2) the waiting players can elect to challenge the winners (unless they’ve played 2 games on the court); (3) if 3 are waiting, winners decide which one stays, subject to number of games played on the court.

If 4 or more players are waiting, and play on a court ends, all players on that court are replaced by the first 4 players waiting.

PS1: There’s an inter-club match at The Lakes tomorrow (Saturday, 1/11); so they’ll be few players at the courts tomorrow (see you Sunday?).

PS2: when at the courts, you may see that court 2 has the surface crack taped; if still taped, please avoid.