Super Bowl morning a big hit…………

So it all started with an early continental breakfast on Sunday to get the two teams (a Red and a Black) ready for the play and competition as the morning unfolds. Have a look:

First, a little breakfast to get everyone in the mood for a fun-filled morning.
IMG_5243 (1)
The swell and impartial coaches and refs are introduced.
Get ready! Randy, the Producer/Director, along with an aide, outline the competition.

So, the games began in earnest, with tennis and pickleball matches between the Reds and the Blacks. After ferocious battles, here’s the results:

After the tennis and pickleball, and the ball toss, the Blacks lead over the Reds was 44 to 43. Wow! So close!

Next came the relays and then the team cheering events. Have a look:

IMG_0931 (1)
The Director is explaining the rules and outfit for the relays. Dress up like this and then run to a far chair, dis-robe and have your team mate do the same.
Here’s the Reds getting their cheering routine down.
Here’s the Blacks doing their cheers.

So, all of this came down to a cheery ending, with the Blacks showing their stuff and taking the day against a stubborn Reds team. Here the Blacks show it off:

IMG_0948 (2)
The Blacks have their day.

Congrats to the Blacks and a special kudo to the Director (Randy) and the ladies who made it work. Even better moves than the Super Bowl half time?