Open Play Issues & Guidelines…

As our group of pickleballers keeps expanding, and there’s increasing pressure on court availability during Open Play times (particularly during weekend times), it’s worthwhile revisiting the very idea of Open Play. As the “Open” caption implies, all player skill levels are welcomed and some mixing of those levels on a fair basis is encouraged.  No one should consider this some kind of demand, but a guideline for the maximum satisfaction of our group of pickleball-playing Club members as possible. So, exclusive use of one or more courts during these times,  for family/friends affairs or team practices, or whatever, is counter to the goals of Open Play.    The current Open Play Guidelines are attached below and your comments or questions on them, or any related matters, are welcomed. Just click on the link below.


Indian Ridge Country Club –  2019/2020 Season

Court Availability

In order to provide players of different abilities and interests with a satisfying Open Play experience, certain courts are available as follows:

First Half-Hour of Play:

Courts 1-3, 6 & 7 are available for “Intermediate/Advanced ” level play and social games.

Courts 4 & 5 are available for newcomers to the game and more social “Easy Play.”

Players on Intermediate players are encouraged to play a game or two on the newcomers’ courts (and advanced players with intermediate skilled players) during each Open Play session’s first half-hour or so to promote player development and increased interest in competitive pickleball.

Remaining Hour and 1/2 of Play:

All courts continue to be available for play as in the first half-hour, except Court 6 and 7 are

available for competitive play of more advanced players. i.e. the Challenge Courts

Intermediate Play accommodates players with skill level ratings of 3.0 -3.5, which may be self-ratings, according to the IPF/USAPA rating descriptions or tournament skill level ratings. Players with 3.5-4.0 ratings typically use the Challenge Court, but they can be challenged otherwise.

Player Rotation on All Courts

If 1 or 2 players are waiting to play, and play on a court ends, the winners on that court split and stay and the losers are replaced by the waiting players, with these exceptions: (1) if the winners have played two consecutive games on the court, they should leave instead, unless the losers have also played two consecutive games on the court; (2) the waiting players can elect to challenge the winners (unless they’ve played 2 games on the court); (3) if 3 are waiting, winners decide which one stays, subject to number of games played on the court.

If 4 or more players are waiting, and play on a court ends, all players on that court are replaced by the first 4 players waiting.

Paddle Stacking: At each major court entry point, there are paddle mats. Waiting players should place their paddles in the ascending order they wish to play: lowest paddle is first, next is second, etc. through the first four, then the order is repeated for the next court opening.

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