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The Big Drop……………

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well, this should help with our cross-court dinks and at-the-feet drives. And maybe we won’t need those dizzying lobs as much. But. alas, the courts are closed for an indefinite period, so we’ll have to be inventive and find ways to stay “in condition,” ready for a return to post-coronavirus normalcy.

We’ll try to help bridge the “abyss” by posting some helpful videos and other pickleball news. If you come across such, send in on to and we’ll get it out.

Until the nets are up again, ciao!

Are we ready?????

The latest golf course Corona virus move to avoid our touching things others have handled. Kinda weird to see but allows us to continue playing safely.

The last blog post suggested we try the ultimate in “social distancing” by each bringing our own pickleball (BYO ball) to use when serving, so there would be no need for the other players to touch a ball not their own. It may seem a little “over the top” but as the Corona virus ramps up we need to focus on things that significantly reduces the infection risk. Sooo, with that in mind, we’ve raised the bottom of the net on court #6 so all pickleballs can be readily hockey-rolled back to it’s owner at the end of a point rally, to be pocketed before the next player serves his/her ball. Let’s try this out during this weekend’s Open Play and we’ll expand it to other courts if it works.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your sanitizer wipes and foam!  


Let’s give it a try……..


The last blog post you received discussed the request of the Club  for sanitizer dispensers at the pickleball courts and had a video explaining the BYO ball idea. We’ve since learned the Club’s position on court-side dispensers is that players should take personal responsibility for their sanitary needs as done with tennis, golf, etc. (so don’t expect dispensers provided at court-side).

Regarding the “BYO ball” idea, which would have each player use their own ball (the same brand for all four players) when it’s their turn to serve, has its challenge: returning the ball to that server when it’s out of play, in such a way that no other player touches the ball.  One possible routine for doing this is to flip the ball up between foot and paddle, bounce it , and then hit it back to the server (like we use to do in tennis); upon testing it with a pickleball, it was fun but too difficult to do smoothly. But what should work readily is to merely hit the ball on a roll back to the server’s side. This was easy to do if the net bottom is raised about three inches.

So, starting with the Open Play time today at 4pm, we’ll have a couple of courts with net bottoms raised. And hopefully there will be some players willing to test this anti-Corona-infection practice. See you at the courts. 


Pickleball, The Corona and You


We’ve asked that sanitizer wipes and foam dispensers be placed at the courts ASAP, for all of us to use on our hands and grips. In addition,  the idea presented in the Youtube video below also seems to be spot on in significantly lowering the Coronavirus risk we face; it’s the idea of each of the four players on a court having their own ball (say uniformally the UltraFast 40) to use when they serve.  Also, we might add, the other players can hit/roll the ball back to the owner as needed, and thus avoid touching “his/her” ball.

Sooo, let’s try this out when next playing, before adding it to the Open Play Guidelines, and be “better safe than sorry,” to recite that old cliche.

Your nervous Dinking Committee

PS: Ultrafast 40 balls available in the Fitness Center shop.


March 7th Inter-Club Match

Last Saturday’s inter-club match with The Springs CC players, with that crazy ref in front.

Indian Ridge Pickleball Players are needed for next Saturday’s Inter-club here with the Sunrise Country club.  We would like to have 4 players at a 3.5 and up level, 4 players at a 2.75 and 6 players at the 3.0 level.  Please sign up at the Fitness Desk (you can also call the Desk to sign up: 760-772-4432) .  Note we usually do call on our waitlist by the end of the week, so don’t hesitate to sign up even if the Roster is full.

Important to Note:  This Inter-Club will not start until 10:30 am

Courts will be available from 8am – 9:30 am for Open Play on this Saturday, March 7th

Thank you for Participating!