Pickleball, The Corona and You


We’ve asked that sanitizer wipes and foam dispensers be placed at the courts ASAP, for all of us to use on our hands and grips. In addition,  the idea presented in the Youtube video below also seems to be spot on in significantly lowering the Coronavirus risk we face; it’s the idea of each of the four players on a court having their own ball (say uniformally the UltraFast 40) to use when they serve.  Also, we might add, the other players can hit/roll the ball back to the owner as needed, and thus avoid touching “his/her” ball.

Sooo, let’s try this out when next playing, before adding it to the Open Play Guidelines, and be “better safe than sorry,” to recite that old cliche.

Your nervous Dinking Committee

PS: Ultrafast 40 balls available in the Fitness Center shop.