Are we ready?????

The latest golf course Corona virus move to avoid our touching things others have handled. Kinda weird to see but allows us to continue playing safely.

The last blog post suggested we try the ultimate in “social distancing” by each bringing our own pickleball (BYO ball) to use when serving, so there would be no need for the other players to touch a ball not their own. It may seem a little “over the top” but as the Corona virus ramps up we need to focus on things that significantly reduces the infection risk. Sooo, with that in mind, we’ve raised the bottom of the net on court #6 so all pickleballs can be readily hockey-rolled back to it’s owner at the end of a point rally, to be pocketed before the next player serves his/her ball. Let’s try this out during this weekend’s Open Play and we’ll expand it to other courts if it works.

Oh, and don’t forget to bring your sanitizer wipes and foam!