Rah! Courts are open, But?

The dropped nets at our pickleball courts today, 3/26/20.

Well folks, after being closed down for almost a month, the nets will be up tomorrow after 7am. So, given time to get them up, we should be able to play at, say, 9am. If you get this blog tonight or early tomorrow, and want to play at 9am,  let us know below and we’ll see if we can let you know who is available then. Or you can just show up then and see what works.

I/We want to play tomorrow at?

Oh, if you, like me, are concerned about maintaining self-distancing and no-touch-other-things, courts 6 &7 seven will have the net bottoms up 3.5 inches so you can your pickleball under it, as suggested weeks ago in the message below. You may want to join me in following that practice to minimize exposure. Let’s try it!

“Regarding the “BYO ball” idea, which would have each player use their own ball (the same brand for all four players) when it’s their turn to serve, has its challenge: returning the ball to that server when it’s out of play, in such a way that no other player touches the ball.  …..but what should work readily is to merely hit the ball on a roll back to the server’s side. This was easy to do if the net bottom is raised about three inches.”