The re-start’s underway…….

Competition gets the blood flowing and attitude sharpened!

The second season within “The Season” started this morning at 9 am with four courts going for the most of two hours. The nets were all up, along with our spirits.

The numbers we had at this otherwise non-open-play time, the forecast of 100′ temperatures coming this week, and with our Arroyo Grill remaining closed, raised the question about changing our Tuesday and Thursday open play times. Normally, we’d be dropping the 4-6 pm times at the end of April in favor of morning play. So, we polled the players this morning and all favored the earlier morning time of 8 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Unless there’s reasons why these new  times won’t work well through the rest of the spring and summer (please comment via the link below), we’ll  start the new times this Thursday, April 23.

I/we have a comment or question.

PS: Tonight’s 4 pm Open Play time is on, of course, although not sure of how many players will attend, given the turnout this morning.